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Steve Hilton: ‘Wokeism’ Hides Intolerance with Mastery of Language Like ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’

‘But, these positive truths have been hijacked by hateful dogma’
By Grabien Staff


HILTON: “When we see Biden on his first day pushing for boys to compete in girls' sports, restoring racist training for federal employees, canceling education about American history, when we see deranged calls to defund and abolish the same law enforcement ages that protect us every day, when we see our leaders preoccupied with woke virtue signaling while a humanitarian crisis spirals out of control, we need to know that these are the fruits trees planted a hundred years ago. One of the reasons they have been successful is their mastery of language. They hide their vicious, intolerant ideas behind words like diversity, equity and inclusion. Of course, in their true meaning, those are good things. Diversity is part of nature and we should love it for that reason alone. It is important to make sure everyone is included in the amazing opportunities America offers, and it's obvious that hasn't always been the case in the past. But, these positive truths have been hijacked by hateful dogma in service of its radically destructive mission to replace family, faith and culture with allegiance to the new ideology.”

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