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Steve King Defends Himself on House Floor Against ‘White Nationalist’ Criticism: ‘I Reject Those Labels and the Ideology They Define’

‘There’s nothing about my family or my history or my neighborhood that [supports] these false accusations’
By Grabien Staff


KING: "Today, The New York Times is suggesting that I’m an advocate for white nationalism and white supremacy. I want to make one thing abundantly clear. I reject those labels and the evil ideology they define. Further, I condemn anyone that support this is evil and bigoted ideology which saw in its ultimate expression the systematic murder of six million innocent Jewish lives. It’s true that like the founding fathers I am an advocate for western civilization’s values and that I profoundly believe that America is the greatest tangible expression of these ideals the world has ever seen. Under any fair political definition, I am simply an American nationalist. America’s values are expressed in our founding documents, they are attainable by everyone and we take pride that people of all races, religions and creeds from around the globe aspire to achieve them. I am dedicated to keeping America this way. This conviction does not make me a white nationalist or a white supremacist. So once again I reject those labels and the ideology they define and I told — as I told The New York Times, it’s not about race, it’s never been about race.”

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