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Steve Schmidt: Biden Should Impose Vaccinations ‘with an Iron Fist’

‘I think the majority in this country is enraged over this’


SCHMIDT: “You used the word “irritated,” which is evident of magnanimity. I think the majority in this country is enraged over this, about being held hostage by an extremist intransigent junk science-believing minority that is endangering America’s children. We’re in the opening months of what will be the children’s phase of this pandemic. And we will see death of America’s children. And I think there is a lot to be said about how a society treats its children, its most vulnerable citizens. And these GOP governors are showing they’re anything but pro life when it comes to children with their cavalier disregard for the lives of America’s children. And the immunocompromised. And our most vulnerable populations. And so here’s the deal as we move into the second year or third year. Someone’s going to lose out. Someone’s going to have to stay home. And let it be the people who would rather take horse dewormer than a safe, viable, effective vaccine that’s saving lives. Someone’s world is going to get smaller.”

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