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Steve Schmidt on Possible Trump Campaign Finance Violation: ‘Might This Be the Greatest Crime in American History?’

‘This is what George Washington warned the country about’

Former campaign manager for John McCain, Steve Schmidt, is well known for hyperbole. 

Since Trump’s election, Schmidt — who now describes himself as a former Republican — has frequently likened the president to a third world dictator, and said his administration poses “a profound threat to literally every inhabitant on planet earth.”

Addressing Michael Cohen’s recent plea deal over a campaign finance violation in the 2016 election, Schmidt said this may well be “the greatest crime in American history.”

“Look, we’re at this moment in time right now where we have enough information to sit and wonder, might this be the greatest crime in American history?” Schmidt asked. “The subversion of an American election by a foreign power, colluding with, in conspiracy with, the president’s campaign. It’s extraordinary to consider it.”

Schmidt said this is specifically what George Washington warned about. 

“This is what George Washington warned the country about in his farewell address; the father of the country, when it was time for him to say good-bye, this is what he warned about,” Schmidt said. “And it’s extraordinary to consider at this moment in time, as we get ready to see a new Democratic Congress begin its oversight of this administration as all of the details are filled in to ponder what may have happened here. It is an extraordinary moment I suspect that’s coming in the history of our constitutional republic.”

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