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Strassel on IG Report: ‘We Have an Assistant AG Tipping off the Hillary Clinton Team’

‘We found out that Comey’s entire staff was complicit in helping him conceal’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: "Thanks. Trace Gallagher, appreciate that. It’s been only a little over 24 hours since the major doj inspector general was release. What is the press missing. Kim is on the Wall Street Journal board. What jumped out when you read this?"
STRASSEL: "Most of the headlines today have been focussed on Jim Comey. No question that this was a very damning indictment of his leadership while he was there. Then, again, Democrats and a lot in the media would like to pin it all on him. What struck him this was a searing indictment of the entire FBI and its culture. The argument they live by a rule they themselves craft and impose rules on everybody else, but they don’t live by them. We have examples in here of employees using their home computers and cellphones for work business. We found out that Comey’s entire staff was complicit in helping him conceal from the department of justices the press conference is Hillary Clinton. We have unauthorized contacts with the press. An assistant attorney general tipping off the Hillary Clinton team. He didn’t abide by a recusal. Andrew McCabe leaking and lying about it to the FBI agents who questioned him. This is a widespread problem. At least in the leader should be across the FBI. That was an important aspect of this report being missed."

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