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Strzok Downplays Calling Trump Voters ‘Ignorant Hillbillies’ Who ‘Smell’

‘I separated out my personal beliefs from any action I took officially as an FBI agent ‘
By Grabien Staff


GOODLATTE: "All right. So earlier you had texted Ms. Page that another part of Virginia, Loudoun County which is I think in northern Virginia is, quote, 'still ignorant hillbillies', end quote. Is that what you meant?"
STRZOK: "No, sir, not at all."
GOODLATTE: "You consider Trump supporters to be ignorant hillbillies? What did you mean by that?" [crosstalk]
STRZOK: “Sir, the first think I'll tell you as a proud Fairfax County resident, there’s a healthy competition between Fairfax and Loudoun. Second think I would tell you is that in no way did I or do I believe any resident of Loudoun County or southern Virginia or anywhere else in the nation is — are any of those things. That was a flippant —"
GOODLATTE: "Do you understand the implications of this text when my constituents in Virginia read it?"
STRZOK: "I do, sir."

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