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Sunny Hostin on Doing a Genealogy Test: ‘The Family Business’ Was ‘Enslavers’ and It Was ‘Deeply Disappointing’ to Learn the Truth

‘I have been told that they were printers and journalists’
By Grabien Staff


HOSTIN: “I finally decided to do it, because I thought it'd be helpful for my children, and my children's children to know what their real real history was, you know. But what I found out was that my mother's family while they are Puerto Rican, they actually originate from Spain. And the reason that they moved to Puerto Rico is because the slave trade had been sort of canceled in Spain and then Curacao, and then they moved all of their slaves to Puerto Rico. And so the biz -- the family business, I had been told that they were printers and journalists, but they were in fact enslavers. And my mother -- it was deeply disappointing.”


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