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Sunny Hostin Suggests Trump May Be Profiting off the Drug Hydroxychloroquine

‘I’m very uncomfortable with this newfound love of hydroxychloroquine’


HOSTIN: “What’s interesting is that Dr. Fauci has been very clear. And he said that this drug — there’s only very anecdotal evidence that it can be helpful with COVID-19. The FDA has not approved it for treatment with COVID-19. And my concern is that the United States is stockpiling this medication, those that need it to treat, you know, diseases like Lupus — I have a very good friend that has lupus who cannot now find this medication that treats her Lupus. That is a significant problem. I want to know why is the president so convinced that this is the medication that needs to be stockpiled? What is in it for him? And let’s face it, there’s always something in it for this president when he wants to tout something. And so I’m very uncomfortable with this newfound love of hydroxychloroquine. I just don’t understand it, especially when the experts are saying that it’s not — it’s not even really approved for treatment."

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