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Supercut: Andrew Yang, the Millennial Pick for 2020

‘And then I’m like, you can buy four McNuggets for a dollar — like, what?!’

If the millennial generation created a checklist for their ideal 2020 candidate, doubtless it would include:

— Lots of free stuff

— No new responsibilities

— Says “like” incessantly 

— Giggles at own jokes

And perhaps it’s for these reasons Andrew Yang is resonating with younger voters. After all, the author-turned-politician has defined his candidacy around giving voters cash in exchange for voting for him. And during his campaign events, Yang appears to have perfected millennial demeanor, frequently giggling at his own “jokes,” hyping the power of cryptocurrencies, using the word “like” with a borderline obsession, and making frequent use of skateboards, “selfies,” and hashtags (#YangGang!). 

On Sunday Yang appeared in Marshalltown, Iowa, for a lengthy townhall. Over the course of the 75 minute remarks, Yang said the word “like” at least 43 times (it was admittedly hard keeping track), giggled at his own “jokes” 33 times, and promised free stuff virtually nonstop. 

“We all know an out-of-date reception of, like, a farm as a place where like, animals all around with people,” Yang said in one incomprehensible, millennial-style moment. “And then I’m like, ‘You can buy, like, four McNuggets for a dollar? Like, what? Like, you know?”

If you’re crunched for time, we’ve boiled his remarks down to a brief two minutes in the supercut above. Enjoy. 

(Watch on YouTube)

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