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Supercut: Biden Keeps Getting Tongue/Denture/Brain-Tied in CNN Debate [Updated]

‘But lastly, what is happening in Iraq — excuse me, in Afghanistan — ‘

Joe Biden entered CNN’s Democratic debate Tuesday night needing to reclaim ground lost to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who in some recent polls has leap-frogged him as the 2020 front-runner. 

Unfortunately for the former vice president, his mouth often moved faster than his brain, and the candidate repeatedly found himself tongue tied. 

At other times, he lost his train of thought entirely. 

During an early question about his son’s controversial business dealings while Biden served as vice president, Biden seemed to forget what he was trying to say. 

“And what I wanted to make a point about — my son’s statement speaks for itself, he spoke about it today, my son’s statement speaks for itself,” Biden said in a halting fashion. “What I think is important is we focus on why it’s so important to remove this man from office. On the — look, the fact that George Washington on the first time he spoke after being elected president, that what we had to worry about is foreign interference in our elections.”

During an answer on gun control, Biden was unable to say the word “exponential,” instead saying “expedential.” 

Another awkward moment came during his answer on Syria, wherein he began coughing and then appeared to need to shift a set of dentures. 

For more, check out the montage above. 

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