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Supercut: Chris Cuomo’s Best Journalisming with His Gov Brother

‘Obviously I’ll never be objective’

CNN recently suspended primetime anchor Chris Cuomo for covertly attempting to assist his brother, the former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, in combating allegations of sexual harassment which ultimately torpedoed his governorship.

As COVID-19 became a major story in early 2020, Gov. Cuomo joined Chris’s nighttime CNN show on a weekly basis to discuss how he was handling the virus in New York. During these segments, the Cuomo brothers regularly joked, reminisced, and expressed their brotherly love for one another. Additionally, Chris made clear on multiple occasions that he was in no way objective when it came to covering his brother in a journalistic manner.

“Obviously I love you as a brother. Obviously I’ll never be objective. Obviously I think you’re the best politician in the country,” Chris proudly declared to his brother and the CNN viewing audience. Of course the CNN executives heard this remark and others like it loud and clear, and yet they now pretend to be shocked that their anchor was working on behalf of his politician brother behind the scenes. Who could have ever imagined such a thing…

During their segments together, the Cuomo brothers actually added some much needed comic relief to humorless CNN. They jokingly roasted each other back and forth in a manner which was relatable to anyone with brothers or relatives from New York.

“Your appearance suggests you didn’t have the best day. Your buttons are undone. Your shirt is a little tattered and wrinkled. How are you doing? How's it going over there? Wasn't a great day, huh,” Gov. Cuomo needled Chris as the CNN anchor broadcasted from his home while temporarily out of the studio after catching COVID-19.

At a later date after Gov. Cuomo was publicly tested for COVID-19, Chris took his opportunity to mock his brother’s appearance while utilizing an oversized cotton swab for comedic effect. “In scale this was the actual swab that was being used to fit up that double barrel shotgun that you have mounted on the front of your pretty face.” While this was the moment some in the media argued the Cuomo brothers’ segments went journalistically off the rails, these interviews were never journalistically legitimate and should not have been treated as such at the time.

Despite his flaws and corny sibling jokes, one thing Chris Cuomo should not be criticized for is having his brother’s back when he was up against the wall. Family comes first for those of us who understand allegiance and were raised with certain values. Those who criticize Chris Cuomo for showing his brother loyalty over CNN are the same ones who would expect you to rat out your family members to the government or their place of work for being unvaccinated. This mindset and type of behavior is truly loathsome and fails to understand the meaning and importance of family.

Chris Cuomo is no saint; in fact I am no fan of the guy. He is a pompous clown. However in this instance, when it came to supporting his brother in a time of need, his allegiance was in the right place. 

Family first. CNN last, especially in ratings.

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