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Supercut: Extinction Rebellion’s Bizarre Brand of Climate Radicalism

Young activists express their passion for science

Over the last three days Londoners have received an up-close look at the most radicalized segment of the climate change movement. Extinction Rebellion, an eco-driven activist group whose core strategy is civil unrest, is attempting to shutdown London as part of a larger “international rebellion.” 

The group advocates almost apostolic belief the world is in its final stages. The group’s co-founder, Roger Hallam recently told the BBC News that he believed billions will die in an impending climate catastrophe. 

“I am talking about the slaughter, death, and starvation of 6 billion people this century,” Hallam said. “That’s what the science predicts.”

The group advocates shutting down society until global action is taking to halt climate change. Their site says of the London event:


Because time is running out.
We’re almost at the point of no return.
The governments are doing nothing.
Businesses are doing nothing.

The group says the science on climate change is actually scarier than what scientists suggest. A page on the group’s website titled “The Emergency,” the group writes: “The IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] is likely if anything to be systematically understating the risks to which we are exposed. There are many times when the published science has underestimated the severity of threats and the rapidity with which they might unfold. This is a phenomenon that historians and scholars of science refer to as ‘scientific reticence’.”

So in other words, Extinction Rebellion claims a better grasp on the science of climate change than the field’s supposed blue-ribbon commission. 

Who are these young scientific masterminds, you ask? 

Well, Grabien News has been gathering footage from their protests over the last few days. We can only report that their approach to science is … unorthodox. 

Please check out the montage above to see more. 

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