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Supercut: CNN, MSNBC Go Bananas About Bloomberg Re-Entering Race

‘It ain’t just somebody buying an election’

The major media has a fever and the only prescription is more Mike Bloomberg.

Since the billionaire former New York mayor announced Thursday that he was planning to (re-?)launch his campaign for the presidency, anchors and reporters on CNN and MSNBC can hardly contain their glee. 

Both networks repeatedly aired a graphic depicting Bloomberg’s wealth versus Trump’s.

“Can’t get enough of this graphic,” CNN’s Bianna Golodryga said. “So we’re talking about the war between the billionaires, and look their net worth.”

After the news broke, a CNN panel insisted that Trump will view Bloomberg as a “real threat.”

“As we know, Donald Trump has prided himself on what he views as his business acumen, his business success, being a wealthy man,” CNN’s Pamela Brown said. “Well that’s something that Michael Bloomberg clearly brings to the table, and I think that could be viewed by the president and his allies as a real threat.”

Her co-panelist, Chris Cilizza, proposed a slogan for Bloomberg: “The argument for the bumper sticker for Michael Bloomberg is Donald Trump, but richer, more successful and less offensive. That’s the Bloomberg argument. I’m richer than this guy. I’ve been more successful than this guy and I have 12 years as the mayor of New York City to demonstrate that from a policy perspective I can get things done.”

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch enthused: “The one thing about him that is the anti-Trump, he’s the real deal of what Trump purports to be. He’s certainly the most successful businessman in New York, one of the five or ten most successful businessmen in the country, he’s done it honestly, he’s done it by adding value, he’s been incredibly charitable. So the very, very kind of — you know, Trump is the ultimate charlatan, he’s the ultimate fake. He can peel that emperor’s clothes off of Trump just about better than anybody. I think this is huge, huge news and I think he’s an electable candidate.”

CNN’s Don Lemon claimed a Trump campaign source told them that Trump views Bloomberg as a threat.

“The real billionaire, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, is preparing for a potential run,” Lemon reported. “A Trump campaign source telling CNN that Bloomberg entering the race could pose a threat to Trump, not likely to be happy that there’s another billionaire, a real billionaire, on the scene.”

A panel on MSNBC claimed that a Bloomberg candidacy would appeal both to the Democratic base’s far left as well as suburban voters.

“You know, in a smoke-filled room, on paper you would say Bloomberg has the right balance of what you want to win a broad election, maybe not a deep election,” Chuck Todd said. “But if you’re trying to win the ex-suburban Republican, which by the way, Michael Bloomberg’s arguably an ex-urban Republican, and at the time same time you care about these core progressive issues like guns and climate, it ain’t just somebody buying an election.”

And that’s just a sampling. For more, check out the montage above. 

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