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Supercut: Everyday on CNN Is ‘Historic’ When Trump’s Being Impeached

‘It’s a historic day!’

“This is a historic day” is something there’s a very good chance you’ll hear when tuning into CNN these days. 

Ever since Nancy Pelosi announced the start of an official “impeachment inquiry,” CNN — a news network that’s effectively declared its opposition to the current administration — has pronounced virtually every “historic.”

Since Sept. 24th, when Pelosi announced the launch of the impeachment probe, CNN’s used the word “historic” to describe the proceedings 805 times, according to a review of Grabien’s NewsBase. 

When the first public hearings were held Nov. 13th, CNN described the day as historic “47 times.”

“Good afternoon and with that gavel coming down, I’m Jake Tapper and you’re watching special coverage of this historic day,” Jake Tapper said after the first hearing concluded.

“This is a historic day in the nation’s capital,” his colleague, Wolf Blitzer, agreed. 

As the hearings proceeded over the next few weeks, Blitzer began virtually every show the same way, with the words: “Another historic day.” 

CNN’s other anchors and reporters appeared duty-bound to use the same expression, repeating the phrase every day since the impeachment proceedings began.

For more, check out the montage above.

[Editor’s Note: CNN had this supercut removed from YouTube; Grabien filed a counterclaim, noting Fair Use explicitly protects montages such as these. YouTube denied our counterclaim Friday, informing us: “Unfortunately, it's unclear to us whether you have a valid reason for filing a counter notification, so we won't be able to honor your request.” We are now considering filing another counter claim.]

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