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Supercut: Joe Scarborough Is Convinced Trump Loves His Show

‘Hi, Donald!’

President Trump spends every morning watching MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” reports MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

If you’ve ever tuned into the morning news program, chances are you’ve seen the show’s hosts make this boast. 

Scarborough — who made candidate Trump a regular guest during the 2016 campaign and was known to socialize with him at Mar-a-Lago, has since become one of the president’s sharpest critics. 

The former Republican congressman often tells his viewers that he knows President Trump is tuning in, awkwardly turning to the camera and addressing him directly. 

After Kentucky’s incumbent governor, Republican Matt Bevin, recently lost his re-election bid, Scarborough directed a lengthy monologue to a single viewer: Donald Trump. 

“Think about it, if you’re Donald Trump, you’re waking up this morning and you know, Donald — Donald, come here,” Scarborough said, motioning to the camera. “Get a little closer.”

“He likes to say he doesn’t watch,” co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in. 

“But he’s watching,” Scarborough carried on. “Donald, look at that. I know you don’t like reading, Donald, but look. Matt Bevin (R) — that stands for Republican — he had 52% before you went and did that rally for him, and he got those poor folks wearing that shirt that said ‘Read the transcript’ when the piece of paper itself said this is not a transcript. Donald, this is not working for you. You should just stay home and watch, like, those cage fights, right? Sit down, drink some tang, the drink of the astronauts, and maybe have some coffee, stir it up. This is what happened after you showed up in Kentucky. Donald, my friend, you lost the state for Republicans.”

Other times, Scarborough simply says amidst his Trump commentary, “Hi Donald!”

As you’ll see in the montage above, it’s actually one of his favorite things to say. 

Is Trump actually a “Morning Joe” fan? Let us know what you think in the comments below.  

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