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Supercut: Media Hype ‘Bombshell!’ ‘Explosive!’ Impeachment Hearings

‘Today was explosive!’


In the world of political news, a presidential impeachment is like the Super Bowl. 

For the major media, this is what the last three years of buildup is coming down to — President Trump’s presidency hangs in the balance, and the TV talking heads who helped bring about this dramatic crescendo are doing everything they can to hype the moment.

As the hearings themselves — which largely cover internal conversations among career diplomats and foreign service officers — have been called boring and dull, these media personalities are perhaps overcompensating, using words like “explosive!” and “bombshell!” to gin up viewers’ interest. 

A search of Grabien’s NewsBase shows that since the hearings began, the major media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC) has described the hearings as …

— A “bombshell” at least 216 times

— “Explosive” at least 141 times

— “Historic” at least 379 times.

At times, it almost feels like there’s a single person authoring everyone’s lines. 

To see how the media are doing their best to hype these hearings, check out the montage above. 

[Watch on YouTube]

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