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Supercut: Media/Dems Uncover ... the Ultimate Conspiracy

The truth is out there

Wake up, sheeple! 

There’s an elaborate plot unfolding right before our eyes. 

President Donald Trump — a notoriously Machiavellian schemester who is perhaps most infamous for stealing the 2016 election thanks to his underhanded alliance with his sometimes puppetmaster Vladimir Putin — is now busily executing his next sinister conspiracy. 

Thanks to our sources — primarily Twitter users @ResistancefackTrump212eh213 & @RepiglicansAreHitler22133v3 — we’re now able to report how this plot has been unfolding: 

  1. After refusing to resign, Trump likewise refused to be impeached
  2. Trump then pointedly refused to stop Coronavirus from infecting Americans, likely because of his/Putin’s financial interest in a little known rat poison named hydroxychloroquine 
  3. Democrats, in a bid to save America, thankfully announced a plan to completely remake elections that depends entirely on massively expanding the Post Office, which will mean the agency finally achieves reliable mail delivery for the first time its 200+ year history
  4. Trump, being beholden to special interests (c.f., Koch Brothers, WalMart, and his DeutschBank paymasters), declined to endorse Democrats’ plan. 


Stealing our democracy right out from under us. 

And if you don’t believe me, check out the supercut above. Our media colleagues have evidently stumbled upon the same secretive intel. We’ve helpfully compiled it to help disseminate to friends/neighboys. Being prepared is being forewarned!

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