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Supercut: Relive the Media Hyping the FBI’s Dubious Whitmer Kidnap Plot Claims

‘This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before’


HAINES: "I want to first commend the FBI and the local law enforcement because it takes them infiltrating these groups in person on social media and they're the reason this was stopped."
BIDEN: "We're grateful to the FBI and law enforcement to discover these domestic terrorists and stop them."
WHITMER: "The FBI and the Michigan State Police worked incredibly hard in a coordinated fashion. This is unlike anything we've ever seen before."
GILCHRIST: "The professionals in these law enforcement organizations, I'm confident in them that they will always do their job."
NESSEL: "Domestic terrorism is one of the biggest threats that we have ongoing to our security in the United States. And I think that this case really demonstrates that."
WHITMER: "We came very close to a plot that was to kidnap me and -- and to murder. That was what the affidavits say."

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