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Superman Comic Book Writer: New Superman Will Deal with Issues Like the Climate Crisis, Refugees

‘He’s trying to work out who he is’
By Grabien Staff


TAYLOR: "A new Superman, if you are going to make a new Superman, what should that look like? It struck me as it would be a real opportunity lost if we had another — we had Clark Kent replaced by another straight white savior. So, here was an opportunity to create a Superman who could represent a whole new group of people. And I think that was one that we had to leap on."
BERMAN: "And will be addressing modern day issues like — "
TAYLOR: "Like the climate crisis, like refugees. John, in the last issue, was just being arrested attending a protest, trying to stop the [inaudible] of asylum seekers. He does 45 minutes of hard time, is how he puts it. But as a stand, it is a very powerful thing. And, yeah, so this is one of the things for him. He’s trying to work out who he is, who he is as Superman, who he is as John Kent, and so us as the writer and everybody at DC Comics is watching him go through this process of finding himself and seeing that on the page."

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