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Swalwell: ‘Yes,’ I Think Russians Can Change Vote Tallies in the U.S.

‘Bob Mueller gave us a call to action yesterday’
By Grabien Staff


BLITZER: “Do you worry that the Russians have developed the capability to actually change vote counts in the United States?”


BLITZER: “So what does Congress need to do to tackle this problem? Is there a particular program or department that needs more funding, for example?”

SWALWELL: “Yesterday, Bob Mueller gave us a call to action. I thought it was very hair-raising when he said that this cannot be the new normal and that as we were convening there with him, that the Russians were attacking us in that very moment. Those were his words. Unity is the best antidote to what the Russians are doing, but you don’t see that from the President, you don't see that on Capitol Hill.” 

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