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Tammy Bruce: Kamala Harris and the Dems Are Trying to ‘Gaslight’ the American People on Identity Politics

One thing we do know, an Independent Women’s Voice survey, a group of which I’m president, found that 85% of Americans reject the idea of identity politics+
By Grabien Staff


BRUCE: "Well look what she was saying at that net roots conference a week ago is fascinating. They’re not saying that identity politics which is the idea you should vote for someone simply because of who they are, based on gender or race, or sexuality, not about the issues of the policies they stand for. That’s what the left has been invested in so when the name of it suggests of course that in fact, that using identity politics, calling it out is. But what we know is that in fact Americans are rejecting it and I think that’s what they are reacting to. They want to still apply it but they want to gas light the American people particularly their own base, into still being invested in it because when you say you should vote for someone like Hillary just because she’s a woman that means you’re not supposed to care about the issues or policies. One thing we do know an independent woman’s voice survey a group of which I’m president found that 85% of Americans reject the idea of identity politics. They want more women in office that’s clearly a goal. We want diversity and of course the nation is diverse but the idea of just voting for someone based on as example if they’re woman is rejected and that includes 84% of women and only about I think it was 25% of Democrats think it’s a good idea , so overall Americans are rejecting the concept."

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