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Tara Dowdell: Income Inequality Is at Its Highest Level Since the Census Has Been Recorded

‘And that has real impact on people’s lives’
By Grabien Staff


DOWDELL: “So, I think that we need to look at these things very differently. What the core approach of the Republican Party in this country is to believe that we have a rich people aren’t rich enough problem. We don’t have a rich people are not rich enough problem in this country. What we have is a middle class that can’t access, that can’t climb, a working poor people that can’t climb because income inequality has been the same in this country. It’s basically since you all mentioned it earlier — this is the highest record since the census has been recorded in this country and that has real impact on people’s lives. And guess what, if people pay a little bit more, they will still be rich. And that’s great!”

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