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Ted Cruz Calls Joe Biden ‘Biggest Human Trafficker on the Face of the Planet’

‘He sends Karine Jean-Pierre out to claim nobody is crossing the border illegally — it’s a flat-out lie’
By Grabien Staff

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz called President Joe Biden the “biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet” on Fox News, in response to accusations of kidnapping and human trafficking leveled against Republican governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott.

He also blasted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as a liar, accusing the press of being “sheep” who let her and Biden get away with it.

In the frenzy that ensued after Gov. DeSantis provided transportation to Martha’s Vineyard for a group of migrants who entered the United States at the southern border, a number of people accused the potential 2024 GOP frontrunner of committing those heinous crimes.

Talking with Fox’s Sean Hannity about it on Friday night, an angry Cruz broke into ranting multiple times and said that it’s actually Biden who is the real criminal.

After the two spoke at length on the idea that the movement of migrants out of state as exposing “hypocrisy” on the left, Hannity brought up the specific subject of the law and accusations of “human trafficking” or “kidnapping” that are being floated in equal measure by Democrats and the press.


(via Mediaite)

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