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Ted Cruz Slams Manchin: I’ve Never Seen a West Virginia Senator Undo Victory of His State with S.C. Decision and Then Bankrupt a Vital State Industry in the Process

‘They do start counting on the corrupt corporate media to echo their lies’
By Grabien Staff


CRUZ: “There are new energy taxes and fees in this. If you're pissed off at paying more to fill up your gas tank, guess what? Schumer-Manchin makes it worse and raises the cost of energy. And fourth, and it’s what Larry Kudlow just said, buried in the middle of this bill are three little provisions that are designed to repeal the Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia V. EPA. West Virginia V. EPA, they said, look, the EPA doesn’t have the authority to disregard the Clean Air Act and suddenly regulate carbon and drive up the cost of energy for every American in this country. That decision was a terrific victory for democracy. What Schumer has convinced Joe Manchin to do is put the word 'carbon' into the Clean Air Act. The result of that would be to bankrupt West Virginia coal miners. I’ve never seen a West Virginia senator literally undo the state of West Virginia's a victory at the Supreme Court and bankrupt one of the most important industries in his entire state, and yet that’s what we're facing right now."

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