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Texas Latino Voters on Shifting to GOP: ‘We’re for God, Country, Family and Hard Work’ and ‘We Don’t Feel Safe Anymore’

‘The Democratic Party has changed a lot and I identify more with the Republican Party’
By Grabien Staff


DIAZ-BALART: "In conservative stronghold states like Texas, signs of a political shift among Latino voters with more now leaning Republican. Jose Arreola and Maria Batres live in El Paso."
DIAZ-BALART (on camera): "Maria, you were a Democrat, and you are now a Republican. Why?"
BATRES: "Because of the fact that the Democratic Party has changed a lot I identify more with the Republican Party."
DIAZ-BALART: "What things?"
BARTES: "Well, we're for God, country, family and hard work."
DIAZ-BALART (voice-over): "Jose used to vote blue too, now he's also a Republican, and most concerned with immigration and beefing up border security."
DIAZ-BALART (on camera): "What are the concerns you have about immigration?"
ARREOLA: "The fact of the matter is that we -- you know, we don't feel safe anymore."

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