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Thomas Friedman Praises Bush’s ‘Steel’ for Raising Taxes Despite GOP Opposition

‘He raised taxes when the country needed it, but his party didn’t want it’


FRIEDMAN: “One of the things that strikes me is he did volunteer for service. Everyone has noted that. He was shot down over the pacific, but it was a whole generation that did that. It wasn't just him. My mom volunteered for the Navy after pearl harbor, and it was a remarkable generation that didn't make much of a second thought. We were attacked, you went, you volunteered. It was a different time in that but, you know, to pick up on what you said, John, we just got into it before, is this guy who took on his party's base, he took on the Europeans around unification of Germany. He stood against those who wanted to gloat over the fall of the Soviet Union. He raised taxes when the country needed it, but his party didn't want it. There was a lot of steel in this guy, and it is precisely that willingness to do big, hard things against public opinion, against the base of your own party that also is really of a bygone era.”

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