Thrush: ‘My Inbox This Morning’ Is ‘Flooded by Dems’ Calling Ossoff a ‘Terrible Candidate’
‘I think in general that is an issue’


SCARBOROUGH: “This is a district that Donald Trump won by one point.”
THRUSH: “Right. Exactly.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Against Hillary Clinton, which is why Democrats maybe should have done better than they should. Let’s just project forward two months from now. Donald Trump doesn’t look like he’s going to have passed health care reform. He said he’s not going to pass tax reform until he passes health care reform. If we go two more months from now and Trump is still in the 30s, Republican senators like they did yesterday are starting to attack the President of the United States. This is not a done deal for the either side. Things are very fluid with this administration.”
THRUSH: “We have a budget to pass, we have some basic blocking and tackling that they have had trouble with. What is interesting is my inbox this morning has been flooded by Democrats sort of saying Ossoff was a terrible candidate.”