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TikTocker Complains: Pansexuality Is Not Biphobic!

‘They are both valid sexualities’


UNKNOWN: "Guess what? My patience has run out. Pansexuality is not inherently biphobic. They are both valid sexualities, both of them. And while, yes, I have seen pansexual people use that label for questionable reasons, they pretty quickly get it once you explain things to them. They do. And not only that, but do you know who likes to use specific or micro labels? Neurodivergent people! Sometimes we just have to do whatever we can to feel safe and comfortable, and using a more specific label can be our outlet for that. If you took all that energy you spend calling people biphobic and saying they’re performing bi erasure and just educated them, there would be less biphobia, there would be less bi erasure, because you’ve explained it and people will know the difference. I’ve fu**ing had it with you guys."

(Via Twitter)

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