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Tim Ryan: Dems Have Done Something ‘Terribly Wrong’ for America to Have Trump as Pres.

‘We’ve done something terribly wrong to make that so’
By Grabien Staff


RYAN: "Well, it’s 18 months out, but I think it does inhibit our ability in certain seats. We’ve got to face that fact. I’m not here crying sour grapes because I ran and lost. It’s not about me. It’s not about Nancy Pelosi. It’s about that we have Donald Trump as president now. We’ve done something terribly wrong to make that so. And we’ve lost traditional Democratic voters that don’t see us as connecting to them, don’t see us as advocates for them. We’ve got to put ourselves in the best position possible to be able to win these races. As I said, you opened it up, look, I don’t think everybody should get a trophy in life. You get trophies because you earn them. I don’t like second place. I don’t like moral victories. I believe in the ideas of the Democratic Party. I believe in a government that could be both nimble but yet active and support social justice issues that are critically important when you listen to what trump talked about tonight. But the economic message, Don, is something that we’ve got to get back to. There’s so many families struggling, and we’re kind of not focused on that as much as we should be."

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