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Tom Homan: Border Crisis ‘Incompetence by Design,’ Joe Biden Sold Out Country to Get Elected

‘The numbers speak for themselves’
By Grabien Staff


HOMAN: "You had 100,000 last month, but you're going to hear it from me, you're going to have 150,000 in the month of March. They haven't released the numbers yet, but it's going to be over 150,000. And the numbers speak for themselves. Under the Trump administration last year, the unaccompanied alien children were down 70 percent. Illegal immigration was down between 50 and 80 percent, depending on what month you look at. President Trump gave us the most secure border that I have seen in my entire career, almost spanning 35 years. And within two weeks, Joe Biden killed all those policies and now we have this. This — this isn't mismanagement, this is incompetence. This is by design. Joe Biden knew when he was making all those promises during the campaign that this would cause a surge. He's been in a surge before. He knows what causes them, he knows how to stop them. So this is the plan designed for open borders.”

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