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Tom Homan Calls for Mayorkas’ Impeachment, Says Oversight Hearings Will Be ‘Damning’

‘I think McCarthy said the right thing, you need to have hearings’
By Grabien Staff


HOMAN: “Look, I think — I think McCarthy said the right thing. You need to have hearings, right? What I didn’t hear is the word impeachment. That needs to happen for Alejandro Mayorkas, but if they’re going to have oversight hearings, and I can tell you, it’s going to be damaging. You know, if they subpoena the right people, subpoena the right information, there’s a lot of damning information that’s going to come out of this that’s going to force either the resignation or impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas. This administration has done nothing to enforce law on the border, and oversight hearings will prove that. Now, I will add this one thing. I’m glad McCarthy is going to the border along with other teammates. However, it can’t be a dog and pony show. They need to go back to D.C. and take action. Now they control the House, they control the purse strings. They need to do something and go beyond just the border. They also need to look at interior enforcement ICE. Do not pass the omnibus bill. The omnibus bill drops ICE detention by 25 percent. You can’t take ICE beds away in the middle of historic border crisis. So they need to look at the border and interior enforcement and what this secretary has done to destroy both.”

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