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Tom Perez: I Spent a Lot of Time on the Trail, I Didn’t Hear One Thing About Donna Brazile’s Book

‘What I did hear is we have got fight to take back America’
By Grabien Staff


PEREZ: "Well, I'll tell you, Ali, I have spent a lot of time on the trail this weekend. I didn’t hear one thing about Donna Brazile's book. What I did hear is we have got fight to take back America, we've got to take the fight to Donald Trump. We've got to elect healers like Ralph Northam instead of dividers like Ed Gillespie. We have got to put Phill Murphy into the governor's residence, because Phil is going to have everybody’s back. That’s what I’m hearing. People are focused. And again, go back to Virginia. Back in the primary there was a spirited debate between Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam. The media wanted to write a  Bernie/Hillary redo story, and frankly it got it wrong because there was a spirited debate among two really good candidates who agree on just about everything. At the end of that debate there was record turnout in the Democratic primary." 

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