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Perez: Ted Kennedy Embodied the ‘Accomplishment Wing’ of Our Party

‘He wanted to get things done’


PEREZ: “And I worked for Ted Kennedy, as you know. Ted Kennedy was I think one of the charter members of what I call the accomplishments wing of the Democratic Party. He wanted to get things done. He understood that idealism and pragmatism weren’t mutually exclusive. That's why he worked across the aisle with the likes of Orrin Hatch and others. And he had great respect for the institution of the presidency, which is why he would work with George Herbert Walker Bush and later with George W. Bush. That didn’t mean they didn’t disagree passionately, but they understood that it was bigger than any one individual in Washington, D.C. And when we say these tributes to President George Herbert Walker Bush, we remember that. Voting for the Fair Housing Act in 1968 was a politically dicey proposition for then-Congressman George Herbert Walker Bush. And he did it. He understood it was the right thing to do for the nation, and that’s why we pay tribute to that. We hunger for the likes of people like George Herbert Walker Bush who did put country over party every day. And he was a former chairman of the Republican National Committee. I should point out as well.”

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