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Tom Steyer: After Putin Summit Impeaching Trump a Question of Patriotism

‘And we need to step up and think about our democracy and think about our country and do what is right’
By Grabien Staff

Tom Steyer: After Putin Summit Impeaching Trump a Question of Patriotism (Breitbart)

Friday on MSNBC’s “All In,” billionaire hedge fund manager and liberal activist Tom Steyer said after President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s summit in Helsinki, impeachment was a “question about patriotism.”

Steyer said, “What we saw this Monday was a president of the United States standing on the stage with a dictator who had authorized a cyber attack on the American democracy, which the FBI believes is continuing and watching our commander-in-chief deny what he knew to be the truth about the attack. To then say it is not ongoing, he does not believe it is ongoing, and then to say if we have problems between Russia and the United States it is America’s fault. We are seeing events last Monday which are as much of a show and tell as you are ever going to see as a commander-in-chief absolutely betraying his own country and walking away from his responsibilities to the American people.”

He continued, “The organization I started, NextGen America, is the largest grass roots organization in the United States. What we are doing in this campaign to impeach and remove this president is trying to create a movement to enable the voices of individual Americans to get together. And as I said, 5.5 million of them signed a petition. I have been doing a 30 city tour to talk about it. And we need to sign up together, raise our voices together and insist that this lawless president be removed.”

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