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Tom Steyer: Trump ‘Doesn’t Know Jack’ About the Economy; He’s a ‘Fraud’ and a ‘Failure’

‘I would love to expose him as the fraud and failure’

WITT: "Okay. Message notwithstanding, do you think the time has come to begin whittling down the numerous voices coalescing around those who have a realistic chance of beating Donald Trump? Is that what might be happening with this debate?"
STEYER: "Look, from my standpoint, when I look at this, I’m an outsider. I spent ten years as an outsider in the political system taking on corporations, trying to push democracy of, by and for the people. When I look at what’s going on here, I see a whole bunch of people who are political insiders talking about policy. I think when the time comes to face Mr. Trump, I’m somebody who built a business from scratch into a big international business. He’s going to run on the economy. I would love to expose him as the fraud and failure that he is as a businessman and as a leader of the country economically. He doesn’t know jack about what he’s talking about when it comes to economics, and I’d love to be the person to expose that, because that’s what my background is and I think I’m really different from the other candidates in that way, Alex."

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