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Townhall Participant Asks Pelosi What Dems Are Besides Anti-Trump, Pelosi Responds with Anti-Trump Rant

‘The tax bill is a dark cloud that hangs over the Capitol, over the future’
By Grabien Staff


CUOMO: "Our next question comes from Kyle McDaniel. He said he left the Republican Party earlier this year because of President Trump. He now considers himself an independent and he does want to ask you a question about what you can do."
McDANIEL: "Good evening. So what is the vision that the Democratic Party is putting forward? Not only in the mid-term elections but beyond that. We've talked about the future. All I hear is we're not Donald Trump. We don't support the Republican agenda. That's a fair comment. What new policies, what fresh ideas. What do the Democrats want to accomplish if they win Congress or the White House in 2020."
PELOSI: "Well, I feel very good about our prospects this 2018 because we're in a whole new arena. Winning in March and now winning in record numbers. Young people March for their lives and now they're registering voters. So the public is kind of taking over the political process and that's a very good thing. But as I said earlier, we have a better, we think the Republicans are giving the public a raw deal. We have a better deal. As I said, better jobs, better pay, better future. And part of that is lowering costs for families. Now when you look at that, you have to look at what the Republicans did. You have to make the contract. They passed a tax bill that gave 83% of the benefits to the top 1%. A trillion and a half dollar tax break to corporate America. Some of which was used to send jobs overseas and a lot of it to do buybacks and dividends but not to share it with the workers and the community. What is important about that, many things wrong that tax bill. What is really important it is what it does to our budget. They run up over $2 trillion debt, adding $2 trillion to the national debt. And that impact happens to our budget. The president weeks later put out a budget and said we have a debt now. We'll take a trillion dollars out of Medicaid. A half trillion out of Medicare. We'll take money out of disability benefits and Social Security, food stamps and the rest to pay for this debt. The tax bill is a dark cloud that hangs over the Capitol, over the future. So again, the budget should be a statement of our national values. What's important to us as a country should be how we invest into the 21st century so young people are not afraid of technology but they see how kit create jobs and how the families can be involved."

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