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Transgender Track Star CeCe Telfer: ‘If Anything, Me Competing Against Cisgender Females Is a Disadvantage’

‘Because my body is going through so many medical implications’
By Grabien Staff

TELFER: "If anything, me competing against cisgender females is a disadvantage because my body is going through so many medical implications. Like, it's going through biochemistry changes. So, being on hormone replacement therapy, your muscle depletion -- your muscle is deteriorating, you lose a lot of strength because testosterone is where you get a lot of your strength and your agility, all of that on athletic stuff. So I have to work twice as hard to keep that strength. And if I slack a day, that's like three days set behind. So I have to keep on top of my workouts, I have to keep on top all these things. I can't drink, I can't eat unhealthy, or else it's going to impact me harder."     

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