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Trey Gowdy: Comey, Clapper and Brennan ‘Are Validating’ Trump’s Concerns About Their Objectivity by Their Comments and Demeanor

‘St. James Comey, pretty much the same as every other interview’


GOWDY: "St. James Comey, pretty much the same as every other interview. He is always right. He gets to write the moral script. If you deviate from that, if you’re Rod Rosenstein, then you lack character. If you’re somebody else, your soul has been eaten. What I kept thinking back to, Jason, was when I asked Jim Comey how did the Russia investigation get started? Who started it? He didn’t know it was Peter Strzok, he never read the initiation document. Look, you and I served together a long time. I defend law enforcement just as vigorously as any member of Congress ever has, but that does not mean that there are not opportunities for oversight. Comey refuses to believe that any of these decisions should be looked at. So he is always right. Everybody else is wrong. He and Clapper and Brennan are validating the concerns that other people, including the President, have had about their objectivity by their comments and their demeanor after they left their offices."

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