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Trump on Antifa Attacking Andy Ngo: ‘They Don’t Get the Bad Press’

‘They don’t attack the people that we wish they attacked’


TRUMP: “It’s very, very sad. Antifa, these are bad people. These are sick, bad people. Remember that. These are bad people. These are bad people, antifa. They don’t get the bad press. The press doesn’t want to talk to them. They are very evil. They’re hitting people over the head with sticks. And I mean, sticks. I mean bats even. They’re whacking people with bats. They're very brave. They always show up with a mask and they are covered. Because then they go home to mom and dad. They don’t want mom and dad to know where they were. But they always attack people that really can’t defend themselves very well, right? They’re not attacking this group. They’re not attacking North Carolina.”

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