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Trump: Dems Don’t Want the COVID Vaccine ‘Because They Think It’ll Make Me Look Good’

‘We are really rounding the corner’
By Grabien Staff


TRUMP: "They don't want it because they think it's going to make me look good and it wins the election for me. But we're very close to a vaccine. We also have already come out with therapeutics, if you look at remdesivir and others, the plasma. You take a look at the things that we've come out with already, and the number, we're 85 percent better in terms of fatalities. You'd look at the kind of numbers — I don't know if you've been seeing this, but we're really rounding the corner. And this is actually without anything further than we already have, and we have some very good things out there already. In terms of, I would say, in terms of — you can't use the word cure yet, but pretty close to a cure. You're going to be pretty close to a cure. The vaccine itself. I mean, it could come out in October, but whether it's October, November, December, it's going to come out very soon. We have great companies, they are very advanced and the results are going to be very good."

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