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Trump on His Supporter Punching Black Guy: ‘That’s What We Need More Of’

‘The audience swung back and I thought it was very, very appropriate’
By Grabien Staff

Moments after receiving Dr. Ben Carson's endorsement, Donald Trump defended a supporter who sucker punched a black protester at a recent rally. "That's what we need a little bit more of," Trump said.


"But we’ve had a couple that were really violent. And the particular one when I said, like to bang him. That was — a very vicious — you know, he is a guy who was swinging very loud and then started swinging at the audience. And you know what? The audience swung back. And I thought it was very, very appropriate. He was swinging, he was hitting people and the audience hit back. And that’s what we need a little bit more of. Now, I’m not talking about just a protesters. This was a guy who was — should not have been allowed to do what he did. And frankly, if you want to know the truth, the police were very, very restrained. The police have been amazing. But the police were very, very restrained.”

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