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Trump: I Get a Lot of Credit from Many People for Having Closed Our Country Early

‘I wish China would have told us more about what was going on’
By Grabien Staff


TRUMP: “Well, I love whoever you’re with. I think that’s such a nice question. No, I think The Washington Post covers us very inaccurately, covers me very inaccurately. I saw the story. I think it’s a disgrace. But it’s The Washington Post and I guess we have to live with it. It’s a very inaccurate — quiet, quiet. It’s a very inaccurate story. From many people I get a lot of credit for having closed our country very early to a very heavily infected country. China. Unfortunately, China. I wish China would have told us more about what was going on in China long prior to us reading about it, even though the news isn’t exactly disseminated as you know, China kicked The Washington Post out of China and it kicked The New York Times out of China and I guess The Wall Street Journal. That’s okay. I mean, it’s what they do and I think it’s a terrible thing they did. But I also think it’s terrible when people write inaccurately about you and they write inaccurately about me every single day, every single hour. And by the way, your group really — I really think — I just say fair, not good or bad.”

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