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Trump Jokes: ‘They Say a Wall Is Medieval, Well, So Is a Wheel’

‘You know, a wheel works, and a wall works’
By Grabien Staff

TRUMP: “What is manufactured is the use of the word 'manufactured.' It is manufactured by them. Every single of the negatives. But they’re not winning because it is common sense. It’s common sense. They say a wall is medieval. Well, so is the wheel. A wheel is older than a wall. And I looked and every single car out there, even the really expensive ones that the Secret Service uses, and believe me, they are expensive, I said, 'Do they all have wheels?' Yes. I thought it was medieval. The wheel is older than the wall. You know that? And there are some things that work. You know what? A wheel works and a wall works. Nothing like a wall. The government shut down because the Democrats will not fund border security. Plain and simple. And again, more than just the walls. Their open borders agenda threatened all American families including millions of legal immigrants throughout our nation.”

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