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Trump Rips Media: ‘They Don’t Bring Cameras in to Interview the Angel Moms Who Children Were Killed’ by Illegals

‘The media never talks about the American victims of illegal immigration’
By Grabien Staff


TRUMP: "But the media never talks about the American victims of illegal immigration. I know them well. I know so many of them. I campaigned with them. What has happened to their children, what does happen to their husbands, what has happened to their wives. The media does not talk about the American families permanently separated from their loved ones because Democrat policies released violent criminals into our communities. We need safety. We need to be. They don't bring cameras to interview the angel moms whose children were killed by criminal aliens who should have never been here in the first place. Not even close. They don't want to talk to the angel mom. But as your president, I will always fight to protect American families."


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