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Trump on Nancy Pelosi’s Failures on Jan. 6: ‘She’s Responsible for January 6th’

‘Nancy Pelosi was in charge of security’
By Grabien Staff


TRUMP: "The mayor of D.C. — the mayor of D.C. gave us a letter, saying that she turns it down, okay? We have it. Nancy Pelosi also was asked, and she turned it down. The police commissioner of Capitol Police -- "
WELKER: "I'm talking about the day of, though."
TRUMP: "Wait a minute."
WELKER: "Yeah."
TRUMP: "Capitol Police said that he wanted it, and Nancy Pelosi wouldn't accept it. She's responsible for January 6th."
WELKER: "Let’s — Mr. President."
TRUMP: "Nancy Pelosi is responsible. And the J6 Committee refused to interview her."
WELKER: "Mr. President, you're the president though. You have — you have authorities that no one else has, as the commander-in-chief. Do you think you showed leadership on that day?"
TRUMP: "Yes. Absolutely. I did."

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