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Trump Almost Perfectly Predicts Super Bowl Score

‘The Patriots will win’
By Grabien Staff

President Trump almost perfectly predicted the Super Bowl outcome.

During his pre-Super Bowl interview with Fox News's Bill O'Reilly, Trump predicted the New England Patriots would win.

"By how many points?" O'Reilly asked.

"By eight points," Trump replied.

The final outcome -- which for the first Super Bowl was decided in a sudden death overtime -- was Patriots 34, the Falcons 28. 

Here's the full exchange:

O'REILLY: "Fox Sports is demanding that I ask you to make a prediction."
TRUMP: "Well I hate to make predictions."
O'REILLY: "But you have to."
TRUMP: "But I hate to do it. But I'll say --"
O'REILY: "-- Because I won't leave unless you do."
TRUMP: "I'll say -- I don't know, what are the odds? I guess it's pretty even, right? Two great teams."
O'REILLY: "Yeah."
TRUMP: "I'll say the Patriots will win."
O'REILLY: "By how many points?"
TRUMP: "By eight points."
O'REILLY: "That's a good presidential prediction."
TRUMP: "I shouldn't be doing those things but that's OK."
O'REILLY: "And you don't need any data."
TRUMP: "I need no data."

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