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Trump Praises The NY Post, Mocks Hunter Biden: ‘Dad, Say Hello’ and ‘Give Them Everything They Want’

‘Give them everything they want, dad’


TRUMP: “I don’t know, will you take $10 million a year to introduce people? Yeah, to introduce dad. 'Dad, say hello. And by the way, dad, give them everything they want. Okay? Give them everything they want, dad.' Hunter also referred to another more lasting and lucrative arrangement with the same Chinese businessman 'that would be so much more interesting to me and my family,' that’s what he said. That’s a quote. These deals were made at the same time Joe Biden was letting China steal your jobs and take away your factories. If Biden is elected, the United States will be owned by China. But we don’t have to worry about it, because I can’t believe — I can't believe it’s going to happen. He's shot. Just so we understand. We cannot have a leader that’s just about half-shot. Can you believe — can we believe we are even fighting against this guy? You know, they are a powerful party. They are a very corrupt party, they are in bed with the media, the fake news, right back there."

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