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Trump: As President I’ll Investigate Clinton and Put Her in Jail [Montage]

‘The Clintons are criminals, remember that’
By Grabien Staff

It’s not an exaggeration to say Donald Trump made going after Hillary Clinton as president a core promise of his candidacy. Almost every day on the stump, Trump went through the litany of the “crimes” he said Clinton clearly committed. Mishandling state secrets. Destroying records under subpoena. Profiting off her office. Bribing investigators. 

“The system is rigged,” he said after the FBI recommended no charges be filed.

But, he reassured his supporters, if you turn out on Election Day, “justice will be served.” 

Indeed, Trump specifically promised to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate not only Clinton’s handling of her email and the Clinton Foundation, but also the FBI’s investigation into both. He said the American people are "furious" and would accept nothing less.

“Honestly," he told his crowds, "she should be locked up.” 

Turns out, this is one promise he definitely won’t be keeping.

Tuesday morning — just two weeks after winning the presidency — the campaign announced he would not pursue an investigation into Clinton. Better, the campaign said, for Trump to try and help Hillary “heal.” 

Well, then. 

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