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Trump Visits NYPD Station to Honor 9/11 Heroes

‘You are New York’s finest’
By Grabien Staff


TRUMP: “What incredible job. I grew up with you and you are New York’s finest, you’re incredible people and I know many of you and I appreciated during the election that New York city police endorsed trump, you know that, right, first time they’ve ever endorsed a candidate. First time, maybe they do it every time. I don’t know. First time they’ve ever endorsed a candidate for president. And it’s a great honor. I think that endorsement meant more to me than anything. I really appreciate it. I thought I’d do, you heard so many words, all you hear is words and they become meaningless after a while when you hear politicians talking but if you have any questions, I will give you a little chance you can be a star. I see the fake news behind you.”

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