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Trump: ‘Walls Work, Whether We Like It or Not ... in Israel, 99.9% Successful’

‘Open borders hurts poor Americans more than anyone else in our society’


TRUMP: “I am asking Congress to defend the border of our nation. For a tiny fraction, tiny fraction of the cost. Essential to border security is a powerful physical barrier. Walls work, whether we like it or not. They work better than anything. In Israel, 99.9 percent successful. Think of it. I spoke to Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, two days ago, we were talking about it. He said it’s 99.9. I mean, he came up, I didn’t ask. He said 99.9 percent successful. We proposed a steel slat barrier to halt the deadly flow of these illegal traffickers, smugglers and terrorists. Every day that we deprive our Border Patrol and ICE officers the resources they need, we put many innocent lives in harm’s way. Should be bipartisan. I think it will end up being bipartisan. I really do.”

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